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With our tried-and-tested high conversion framework, we guarantee to increase your conversions by at least 50% in the first 45 days. Or we will work for free until we do.

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Backed by a budget of over $40 million spent on paid ads, we’ve worked with numerous clients across various industries. Our team boasts over 15-years of experience in performance marketing.

Partner with Matt’s exceptional team that will not just handle all your marketing campaigns but also serve as dedicated consultants for your business, providing expert recommendations and enhancing your overall digital presence.

Using our framework we will ensure you track all relevant metrics for your business and find new opportunities to grow.

Our tested and proven method will increase your conversions by at least 50% in the first 45 days of partnering with us. Or we will work for free until it happens!

The Proven Method

Starting with the market and competition research we provide a comprehensive analysis of your business and find opportunities for growth.
We structure, analyze, track and optimize the process for your growth with the specific set of marketing tools.
We craft specific landing pages and forms that will increase the conversion rate and customer quality.
Our advanced data tracking and custom tailored reports provide deep insights into your sales funnel and customer journey, enabling precise identification of bottlenecks and opportunities.
We run specific ad campaigns on Meta, Google, LinkedIn and other channels and train the algorithm to increase conversion quality.
You meet with our team twice a month to discuss the results and get recommendations moving forward.
Your conversions will increase by at least 50% in the first 45 days! Or we will work for free until they do.

Wanna Have Results Like This?

Must say; its looking pretty good so far
54 leads so far, and we are only half way through the month.
At this rate, we shoult have over 100 qualified leads. This would be brilliant.
Quality of leads is also good. Lots of prospects with light analysis scheduled for them.
This only happens when people respond to my initial email, with answers to some qualifying question.
Pipeline $ figure is also at a very strong number of  is also at a very srong number of $41k which is higher than normal. Several deals waiting to drop.
Next to no spam as well.

Whatever you are doing, lets keep it going haha.

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Led By One Of The Most Trusted Thought Leaders In The Digital Space: Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity, a marketing and SEO expert has been at the forefront of the digital industry for the past 15 years.

Matt founded DiggityMarketing, The Affiliate Lab, Authority Builders, LeadSpring and many other business ventures.

His vast business expertise helped to create the Diggity Media agency where we utilize all the knowledge gathered from multiple fields and combine it with Matt’s team of world-class paid media experts to deliver exceptional results with our tested framework.


Our Services

Our Framework fits EVERYONE and EVERYONE will benefit from our services no matter if they’ve ever run paid ads or not.

Dedicated Marketing Support

5 members of our team will service your account on a daily basis with not just operational work but actual in-depth research presented to you as ideas and proposals for growth.

Funnel Structure

Optimized for Success! We design a strategic funnel to guide your audience seamlessly from awareness to conversion.

Proper Data Tracking Setup with Advanced Metrics

Personalized Strategies! Ensure accurate data tracking with customized setups for naming conventions, custom audience, and conversions.

Copy and Design
Creatives, A/B testing

Captivate Your Audience! Benefit from a variety of compelling creatives designed for every stage of your marketing funnel.

Landing Page Design

Precision in Every Detail! Discuss your business goals and receive expert guidance tailored to your unique needs.


Transparent Insights! Receive detailed reports on your campaign's performance to track success and areas for improvement.

Discover the Stories Behind
Our Successful Campaigns!

Discover the Stories Behind Our Successful Campaigns!

Explore real resultsin our curated case studies. Each section below reveals the strategy, creativity, and concrete outcomes of our previous campaigns.

$521k sales generated in just 5 days with 20.85 ROAS

A growing logistics company approached us with a unique challenge. They were starting from scratch with no online presence and didn’t even have a website. With carefully curated lead forms and laser-focused targeting, we’ve managed to get over 10k leads in a 6 month time frame.

50+ High Quality Leads each Month for a Service Based Client

An SEO agency wanted to expand its lead generation efforts through paid ads. Through our collaboration the agency witnessed a surge in new qualified leads each month, rising from 15 to 50+.

Incredible Results Achieved in Just 10 Days!

In a mere 10 days, we have skyrocketed the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) for one of our esteemed clients from 1.85 to a staggering 4.95! But that’s not all! Our client’s revenue also rose from $190K for the whole previous month to an astonishing $230K during only these 10 days. It’s proof that our strategies not only drive higher ROAS but also generate impressive revenue growth.

Let’s Freaking Grow